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SPRING SALE! Wide choice of goods with sale until -20% lasts until 01.04.2018. You can chose any product from our catalogues on the main page.

Beside a pram set you can also order a car seat (group 0,1,2), a light pushchair, a parasol, a raincover, a footmuff to fit any Bebecar pushchair, and a high quality furniture which you can select here:

About us

Dear friends

We are happy to announce that our Baby Buggy Showroom is now opened!

You have a unique opportunity to buy exclusive prams and other baby accessories from a well-known manufacturer on the European market – BÉBÉCAR.

Personally we have faced a problem of the lack of high quality prams at the market. Therefore, after careful research we have found a perfect baby buggy for our newborns. Likewise every carrying mother we want all the best and safest for our children and therefore the choice has been made in favour of Bébécar products. We were amazed by selection of Bébécar products in terms of innovative technology, high quality, safety features and unique design.

You are more than welcome to visit us and ascertain about the above yourself. You will find the list of available products at our website and in addition you are able to order any desired product from our catalog.

We can offer the best baby buggy for your kid.

See you in our Showroom!


Along more than 50 years, Bébécar has built reputation in the design and manufacturing of unique and innovative baby products with high quality and high safety standards to ensure the well-being of a newborn. Using the latest technology, these products are entirely developed and manufactured in Europe, ensuring that all safety standards are met with the utmost rigor and quality.

The new Bébécar collection is designed to offer the perfect solution to your needs and is true expression of these years’ efforts. Cared to the last detail and made with high quality fabrics, this collection conveys a natural elegance.

Bébécar offers you a wide range of products that adopt to baby’s development phases and provide the ideal solution at all times. Bébécar chassis allow fitting of carrycots, group 0+ infant car seats and accessories.

Lightweight and durable aluminum chassis combined with high quality fabrics make Bébécar the right choice for those who want a well-made product that resists the marks of time. Each model is equipped with a wide range of features to ensure that all your journeys are safe, comfortable, easy and enjoyable.

Bébécar products are offered with a two years warranty against manufacturing defect.